Post ZIP Code Validator

Postal Code Validation

ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. It was introduced for the first time by the United States Postal Service to increase the speed of delivery. Since then, most of the countries implemented a similar concept.

Usually, a postal code has between 4 and 6 digits, but some countries have letters in the postal code.

The idea behind the zip code is to differentiate the cities and streets with the same name. For example, there are many villages with the same name but in different counties, but with a different zip code. So, the zip code can identify precisely the location without knowing the address.

The steps to use this tool are:

  1. Enter your zip number
  2. Choose a country
  3. Click on the validate button.
  4. Optional: Use our REST API to validate zip codes via API

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it available for free?

    Yes, we never ask you for any money to use this one and as we said, it is free to use the tool to focus on verifying phone numbers with it.

  2. Do you offer API support?

    Yes. Register for an API key and check the mail.

  3. Do you offer the script validation?

    Yes, check this GitHub Repo