Secure Password Generator

Random password generator

Generate a secure password using our free online tool. Don't use any more passwords like 123456 because they are insecure and someone can break your personal account.

According to Wikipedia, human passwords are more likely to be broken because there are shorter and simpler. Using our free tool you avoid the risks of a dictionary attack because these secrets are real words, so the hacker can break your password.

Use our secure passwords when the website requires a strong password that must follow security rules. We recommend to use it every time because maybe someone will hack a website where you have an account and they will succeed to decrypt the password because you used there a password based on words.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the steps to convert strings to the normal case?
    The steps are:
    1. Enter your text
    2. Click on generate button
    3. Text was copied
    4. Optional: Register to use our REST API to generate passwords
  2. These are randomly generated?
    Yes, these are aleatorily generated. We just create them based on your rules.
  3. The passwords that are generated by Randommer.IO are saved?
    No, we don't store any secret information. We just generate and send back to the user his password.
  4. Why use these generated passwords and not one based on real words?
    We suggest you use our random generated passwords because they are harder to crack by a hacker. Some websites that offer free over 300 billions of words and their hashes. Using a randomly generated password reduces this risk to the minimum because there are not based on normal words. Also, keep in mind that MD5 is still the most popular hashing function and there is a big possibility to have the hash for a small password (in this case bigger is better).
  5. How strong are these passwords?
    For usual account, a password that has more than 10 chars and contains a digit, an uppercase, and a special char is strong enough. For more important accounts we recommend to use a longer password.
  6. Is it safe to use these?
    Yes, we send the pass using HTTPS, so the encryption between you and us is encrypted, nobody can read the message.