Brand Name Generator

Business Name Suggestions

Don't you know which name to choose? Don't you know if the domain is available? As you know, choosing a business name is a crucial thing to do and we want to tell you that this tool will help you out in selecting the name you want for your company. This company name suggestion tool is excellent for persons who don't know which words to choose to create a good title for a product, business or nickname. We have over 100 hundred ideas for every keyword. You can check domain TLD available by a single click.

There are hundreds of ideas for you to choose from and the best part is the fact that you will be able to select the exact name you want. You can generate as many names as you want and you can easily choose the name you prefer the most.


  1. Input your word in the generator
  2. Click or Tap on the button.
  3. The names have been generated.
  4. If you like a name, then it is pretty simple to check if the domain for that name is free.
  5. Register your domain if you want.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How is the name generated?

    We have lists with the most used prefix and suffixes. Based on these lists, we build the ideas.

  2. Does it work with any keyword?

    Yes, this tool works with any keyword and the results are generated randomly. You will indeed find the name you are looking for while using this tool out.

  3. Is it free?

    Yes, it's 100% free to use.

  4. I like a generated name, but has someone else started using it?

    You can check through our generator if a domain is taken.

    A domain checker is an excellent tool for doing that and we have included it in this tool.

  5. There is an API available?

    Yes, register for an API key and read the documentation.