Binary & Hexadecimal Converter: Decimal, Binary, HEX

Binary converter

Convert decimals to binary or to hexadecimal in just a click. Computers "don't understand" regular numbers, so we must translate to binary. Hex numbers are used for referencing the memory or to choose an RGB color.

Frequently asked questions about binary converters

  1. How does a binary number look?

    A binary number looks like this 1010. This is the binary number for 10. It is only formed by two numbers: one and zero.

  2. How can I convert a decimal to binary?

    You can calculate the number based on factor two.

    For example, if you want to translate the number 17 you can do it like this.

    17=2^0+2^4 this means that the first bit and the 5th bit will be 1. In programming, the counter starts from zero

    The result will be 17=10001.

  3. How does a hexadecimal number look?

    A hexadecimal number looks like this 7B. A hex number uses a base 16, this means that the numbers from 0 to nine are used but uses also the first six letters of the alphabet.

  4. How I can convert a number into hex?

    If the number is from the interval 0 to 16, you just take the corresponding number or letter. For example, the hex number for 7 is also 7, for 11 is B. Then for bigger numbers like 73 you must divide the number by 16.

    So 73 divide by 16 gives you 4 and remains is 9. So the hex number is 49.