Post ZIP Code Generator

Postal Code Generator

ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. It was introduced by United States Postal Service to ensure that the delivery address is correct. By this code, the post can differentiate two addresses with the same city name but in different states or the same streets but other districts.

Many forms require a valid zip code without reason. In this case, you can use a generator to supply a valid zip code without revealing your real zip code.

Frequently asked questions about zip codes

  1. Does a postal code is unique?

    In most cases, the postal code is not unique and your neighbors share the same number. In the case of big organizations, universities, institutions, their zip code is unique.

  2. Can a zip code be used by different countries?

    Yes, some countries use the same format for the zip code. The postal code is used to identify an address in a country, not globally.

  3. Can you change your zip code?

    You cannot change your zip code.

  4. Is it available for free?

    Yes, we never ask you for any money to use this one and as we said, it is free to use the tool to focus on verifying phone numbers with it.