IBAN Account Validator

IBAN Checker - Validate Account Numbers

The IBAN is the most popular bank account number because it's used for transfers between accounts in different bank accounts in the foreign or the same country. You can validate IBANs from over 70 countries and ensure that your International Bank Account Number is valid.

When do you need an IBAN checker? IBANs are used to identify banks and bank areas across national borders. While there are different numbers used for banks in certain countries (some banks use the SWIFT identification number instead of the IBAN), many states still use the IBAN.

The IBAN checker is handy for making sure that the IBAN you have is valid. That's because the IBAN consists of a long series of numbers and letters, and it would be easy to miss one or two, or to get some of the numbers mixed up. With the IBAN checker, you can ensure that the IBAN you have is entirely valid and functional.

Under what circumstances will you need to validate an IBAN? Here are a few of the ways in which an IBAN checker can save your life - or at least spare you a lot of inconveniences.

  1. When you're sending money overseas

    The IBAN is exactly for when you're sending money overseas, across national borders. Banks in the world that use the IBAN system have individually assigned IBANs, which means that you need to know the IBAN of the bank you're sending it too. And of course, you need to know if the IBAN you are using to send money is valid and correct.

  2. When you're receiving money overseas

    The IBAN checker can also be useful when you're receiving money from overseas. Before sending over your banks IBAN, use the IBAN checker and make sure that you are sending a valid and functioning IBAN to avoid any inconvenience. Can you imagine anything more annoying than having your money stalled due to an incorrect IBAN?

  3. When you need to send money to a third party entity (someone you don't personally know)

    For sending money abroad to a third party entity, whether it's business to business, or customer to business, you want to double-check the IBAN with the IBAN checker for sure. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind that your money is being sent to the right bank and region.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does an IBAN is formed?

    The IBAN structure consists:

    1. The country two letters code
    2. Two digits for the checksum
    3. BBAN - Basic Bank Account Number
  2. What is a checksum?

    The checksum result of a math calculation on the other digits ensures that the IBAN was right written.

  3. How long can be the IBAN?

    The IBAN can have 34 maximum characters.

  4. Does the USA use the IBAN?

    No, the USA uses the ABA code.