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If you don't know what movie to watch, press the button, and you will get random film titles based on your criteria or the score and popularity. This tool can give your next movie to watch.

You can choose what type of movie do you want to see. You can create movie lists based on your tastes and filters. You can see the title and poster of your next film to watch.

We have English or foreign movies if you want to see other cinematic cultures. Filter films based on release year to get old movies with Charlie Chaplin or Vivien Leigh or new sci-fi movies directed by James Cameron.

You can filter films by your favorite genre. For example, you can select comedy and animations if you want a film for your children or horror and mystery if you want a movie for your scary night.

How much time are you wasting browsing for something to watch instead of watching and enjoying a movie?

A study that Netflix launched to determine that exact information showed that most people waste about 18 minutes browsing movies each time before actually choosing something to watch. That's 18 minutes per movie!

So let's say that you watch 4 to 5 movies each week (and we all know you watch more than that), and you spend 18 minutes choosing what to watch each time. That means you're wasting 1 hour and 30 minutes a week. That's 6 hours a month!

Studies show that the average person wastes 6 hours a month just looking for a movie to watch.

That's why a random movie generator would come in so handy. Instead of wasting time wading through hundreds of movies to watch, you could at least narrow it down to 10 to 16 choices and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Even just narrowing it down to one or two genres can already get you to your goal faster - which is to have a fun and relaxing evening.

Not convinced? Here are three fun ways where a random movie generator can come in handy.

  1. When you're on a movie date

    When I think about the best uses for a random movie generator, the first thing that comes to mind is if I've invited someone over for a chill date and I want the perfect movie to set the tone for the evening.

    If I'm on a date, I definitely want to speed things up a little and not waste half an hour looking for the right movie to watch. I want to cuddle up to my date, share a blanket, share the popcorn, and just get on with it. Plus, I can't think of a worse way to kill the mood than to spend time fiddling with the channels or browsing through hundreds of possible films.

    Here's an idea - I could even let my date choose the movie. And with a random movie generator, my date's choices would be narrowed down to the best ones.

  2. When you want to have a movie night with friends

    I have movie night with friends all the time! And the truth is, we do spend an awful lot of time choosing a movie that's just right for everyone. If we're using the random movie generator, we can agree on a genre and the year of release, and just go from there.

    If you think it takes a while for one or two people to choose a movie, imagine how long it would take four or five people. By having a tool that can just whittle down our options a little while giving us the best movies of that time and genre, then we can get right down to business a lot faster.

    Besides, there's nothing worse than inviting all your friends to movie night and have all the pizza and beer gone before the movie has even started. Talk about a bummer.

  3. When you want to optimize your downtime

    Sometimes you just gotta have some 'me' time where you can relax your mind, pamper yourself, put on some comfy pajamas and watch a good movie. But if you get stuck on choosing the right movie for your chill time, then you're off to a bad start.

Maximize the time you've saved for relaxing your mind and body and let the random movie generator choose for you. All you'll have to do is lean back and enjoy the popcorn.

The truth is, having hundreds if not thousands of choices is not always a good thing, especially when you're just raring to go and have a chill time. It doesn't hurt to have a few tricks and tools up your sleeve to find the best options to suit your mood or the occasion, just to move things along a little bit.

Using a random movie generator can help you find the best movie options for the genre that you're in the mood for so that you don't have to waste any more of your time and energy.

And the best part? It can also help you find movies that you might never have thought of by yourself or that your suggestions screen would never have found for you. It reduces the choices and the time spent finding a movie while also finding the best titles for you to choose from, drawing from a complete catalog of all the movies ever made, whether they're English or foreign titles.

Now, hand me the popcorn and that soda, because I'm all set to get started on movie night.