Random Song Generator

Random Music Generator

If you don't know which song to play, you can generate it. Random pick a song and click on which platform do you want to play it: Spotify, Youtube, or on Amazon. If you want to download the music, choose Amazon and you will have the possibility to buy the song or the entire album. If you don't want to spend money, you can listen to music on Youtube or Spotify.

Here you can find music videos with at least 400k million views. For each song, you have the title and the cover of the image. If you click on the song's image, a new window will be open with the official Youtube video. You have the option to play the music on the Spotify platform or you can click on the Amazon icon to buy the song.

We have all genre types (pop, rock, rap) from all years. This generator includes songs that are the most popular videos on Youtube. We took the first 500 videos from Youtube that are related to music. This list contains artists like Shakira, Maluma, AC/DC, Queen, Katy Perry, Charlie Puth, Eminem, and many others. There are over 100 different artists.