Data generator RESTful API

We offer a RESTful API that you can access over HTTPS. We return all responses in JSON format, so you can use it with our app.

Frequently asked questions about Randommer API

  1. Where is the documentation? Where I can find what services do you offer?

    You can find it here Randommer.IO API documentation or here Randommer Swagger Documentation

  2. Does is require authentification?

    Yes, you must register and require an API key. After, that you must put the API key in headers of all requests. The name of the header is:

  3. How I can get an API key?

    The steps are:

    1. Register for an account
    2. Go to the account dashboard and select the submenu API Key. You can navigate directly to this page via Account Dashboard
    3. Press the button to get the API key.
    4. Use the API key for all requests.
  4. There is an example available?

    curl -X GET "" -H "accept: */*" -H "X-Api-Key: your API key" API example

  5. There is a swagger JSON file?

    Yes, you can find it here: Swagger JSON Configuration

  6. Is it a daily quota?

    Yes, you are allowed to do 1000 calls every day.

  7. The service is free?

    Yes, in the limit of 1000 calls per day.

  8. Can I buy a package to increase the daily quota?

    Currently no, but we plan to add some packages for persons who want to upgrade.

  9. How I can contact you?

    You can contact me by mail