Lipsum Text Generator

Lorem Ipsum Text

Generate text placeholder using the Lipsum generator. The source of Ipsum has almost 10 thousand characters, but the content is regenerated after this number. You can generate thousands of paragraphs in a single click.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the steps to generate Ipsum text?

    The steps are:

    1. Choose the unit of measurement: paragraphs or words.
    2. Enter how many paragraphs or words do you want
    3. Text was copied
    4. Optional: Check our free REST API to generate text
  2. What is the source of Lorem Ipsum?

    The source of the text is from Cicero philosopher. He was a politician during the end of the Roman Republic. He tried to negotiate peace between Caesar and Pompey, but in the end, he sustained Pompey. Caesar forgave him after he came to power.

  3. In which language is written?

    Lorem Ipsum is written in improper Latin. The words were inversed from the original source.

  4. Why is used Lipsum?

    It is used because it offers a fair amount of text that means nothing. Also, the text looks cursive and doesn't take the attention of the reader.