Random Magazines Generator

Random magazine picker

Generate the best publications in the world. These magazines are read by millions of people every day and some of them have a history of over 100 years. Some of the genres covered by these publications are fashion, finance, auto-moto, design, sports, technical and cooking.

Using this generator, you can gen the title and the cover of the most sold magazines. These publications are received by the people who pain a monthly or weekly subscription. The content is varied and provides useful information, tips and tricks and ideas that can be followed by the readers. The magazine cover is essential because everyone sees it—That's why many influential people, like presidents or celebrities, have been on them. These publications also create tops that include the most influential people, the richest man, the fastest car, the most expensive house, etc.

The generator contains a list of the most rated magazines from the USA, voted by people, and based on the critics' review. The price is usually under $10, but there are highly specialized magazines or special editions that can cost up to $100.