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API Generator for Your Project

Randommer wants to be a tool for all kind of people: from persons who want to validate mobiles phone to developers who wants to build modern applications. Use our online services to get data for your needs or check directly our website to resolve your business requirements. We offer and we build every day new functions to solve the daily problems of the people.

You can use our API to build your project without developing from scratch the base functions to generate data like numbers, telephones, and text. Randommer.io offers several utility services and we use the newest technologies like RESTful services and fast hosts to be a simple and modern tool. You can call our services to generate random information using REST. Using HTTPS we secure our connection between us.

Currently, our project has more than 70 options to generate data including:
  1. Numbers generator
    1. Generate Random Integer
    2. Random Sequence Generator
    3. Dice roller
    4. Roman Numeral Converter
  2. Text generator and editor
    1. Lipsum text generator
    2. Business Text Generator(Lipsum alternative)
    3. Generate Product Reviews
    4. Humanize text and transform any special case in the normal case
    5. Text editor - replace, transform the text
    6. Convert numbers to words
    7. Word generator
    8. Random Bible verse generator
  3. Hash and password generator
    1. MD5 Hash
    2. SHA1 Hash
    3. SHA256 Hash
    4. SHA384 Hash
    5. SHA512 Hash
    6. CRC32 Checksum
    7. Caesar Cipher Code
    8. Strong Password Generator
  4. Finance
    1. IBAN Validator
    2. IBAN Generator
    3. VAT number Validator
    4. Random Bitcoin Address
    5. Bitcoin Address Validator
    6. Routing Number Generator
    7. Routing Number Validator
  5. Phone numbers
    1. Free phone number generator
    2. International phone number validator
    3. Bulk phone numbers list
    4. IMEI number generator
    5. Phone Id
  6. Date and time generator and converter
    1. Date calculator - Add and subtract years, months, weeks and days
    2. Calculate how much time is between two dates
    3. Unix timestamp converter
    4. Random weekday
  7. Forms Information Generator and Misc
    1. Random addresses
    2. Random emails
    3. Random picture generator
    4. Random food generator
    5. Random color generator
    6. Random tattoos generator
    7. Random clothes generator
    8. VIN generator
    9. Social security number generator
    10. Social security number validator
    11. ZIP code Validator
    12. Credit card generator
    13. Random MAC addresses
    14. GUID generator
  8. Entertainment
    1. Random things to draw
    2. Random animal generator
    3. Random countries
    4. Random cities
    5. Random states
    6. Random movies
    7. Random YouTube videos
    8. Random songs
    9. Random albums
    10. Random TV Shows
    11. Random games
    12. Random books
    13. Random magazines
    14. Random cartoons characters
    15. Random celebrities generator
    16. Random athletes List
    17. Random superpower generator
    18. Random truth or dare generator
  9. Sports
    1. Random athletes List
    2. Random American football teams
    3. Random hockey teams
    4. Random basketball teams
    5. Best basketball players
    6. Random baseball teams
    7. List of best soccer clubs
    8. Random soccer players
  10. Name Generator
    1. Username generator
    2. TikTok username generator
    3. Startup and brand name ideas
    4. Random business names
    5. Random Baby Names
    6. Name picker
    7. Name Availability Checker
    8. Lists of first and last names
    9. Random pet names
  11. Math
    1. Sum Calculator
    2. Random Geometric Shapes
    3. Prime Numbers
    4. Is it prime?
    5. Fibonacci Numbers
    6. Is it a Fibonacci number?
    7. Pi Generator
    8. Greatest Common Divisor
    9. Binary Converter
    10. Bitwise Calculator
Frequently asked questions
  1. What Randommer can offer me?
    Randommer can offer a collection of various tools that can generate online dummy data and JSON REST API to generate and validate data.
  2. Is randommer.io a real data generator?
    Our data follow all rules regarding validation. For example, a phone number that is generated by us is valid but is not real so you can use it however you want.
  3. Is Randommer free of charge?
    Yes, Randommer is free and will remain free. You have a daily quota of 1000 API calls every day. So if you don't spam us is fine.
  4. Do you offer an API service?
    Yes, almost all Randommer services have API support because we know that you need data directly in your project.
  5. Can I get the data in JSON format?
    Yes. If you use our API you can get data in JSON.
  6. Can you give me an example where Randommer can help me?
    Maybe you build a website and you need some text placeholder or you just want a secure password generator. You can transform text and convert, generate his hashes or even his Caesar encryption.
  7. Do you plan new features?
    Yes, we have planned over one hundred useful tools to be available. Randommer wants to be a tool library - the Swiss army knife
  8. Do you offer support for new tools?
    Yes, if you have an idea for a new tool, you can contact me at this address
  9. How can I show my appreciation?
    You can write an article about this service or just give this link to anyone who needs some mockups.
  10. Does the API support CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
    Yes, you can call our services from any domain or application, even from a simple HTML page.
  11. How Randommer is different from other services?
    Most of the alternatives don't offer API support or it offers only a low daily quota for free. Most of them provide only one or two services.