Random Things To Draw


fancy jewelry

a person with live snakes in their pockets

people playing poker (what does a good poker face look like? what does a desperate gambler look like?)


people blindly trying to find their missing glasses


snakes coming up through sewer pipes and out of a toilet

the apocalypse (what caused it?)

Random stuff to draw

Practice makes perfect, especially if you are a visual artist who needs to hone your skills and abilities.

Whether you're a photographer, a watercolor painter, an oil master, or a sketch artist, I think we can all agree that practice is the one thing that we need to improve our craft.

Where do we get started? What does it take for an artist to practice and keep learning?

This tool is a great way to get you past the most challenging part of the practice - finding a subject.

Using the things to draw generator, here's what you need to be a better artist in 30 days!

  1. Mindset

    While the generator is a fun tool, remember that the practice exercise won't work if you don't have the right mindset. If you choose to reject all the suggestions you don't like, for example, then you'll end up limiting yourself creatively.

    Try to think outside the box and find a great way to frame the suggested subject - even if it's outside of your usual creative arena.

    For example, if the generator gives you the Loch Ness Monster and you're not into fantasy art, get into the mindset of tackling the subject with your style anyway. Who knows, it could be the dark horse piece of your portfolio.

  2. Commitment

    As an artist, you always have to commit, commit, commit! While we all have different work processes, as artists, we have to (1) set a time frame, (2) get started when we say we're going to get started, and (3) respect the deadline.

  3. Have fun!

    As an artist, it's always essential to have some fun! The generator it makes art exercises and practices fun, kind of like a game. So keep things light and don't take the exercise so seriously. Always remember that everything is part of your artistic growth, so keep things soft and have a bit of fun along the way.

Learning how to work with these three things plus the tandom things to draw is part of growing as an artist. Your subject will be random and out of your comfort zone will be part of the exercise too.

If you don't know which thing to draw, you can generate a list of random stuff. You can start your paintings from these ideas, you can combine several objects. This list can be used as an "artist block" or to start a portfolio.

This generator contains over 600 ideas. Where are you bored or you don't have inspiration, this generator can help you. You can use this tool to create some sketches.

This list contains objects that can be drawn by beginners or experts. You can also find cute, cool, or everyday objects. This generator can be used for games like Pictionary, where you need to draw different items.