Generate Random Social Security Numbers

SSN generator

USA's social security numbers are nine digits long. The first three numbers are different for each state of America. The following two digits are considered group number. The last four are the serial numbers, and they are distributed consecutively.

The security number is used to identify a person in the United States of America. This number is mainly used in public administration. It's used to identify the earnings of a citizen and track his benefits.

Frequently asked questions

  1. This SSN real?

    No, they are fake, but they are generated by the rules of each state.

  2. The social security numbers are valid?

    Yes, they bypass any verification

  3. Is it free?

    Yes, it's 100% free to use.

  4. How can I ensure that the social number is real?

    You can use our social security number validation tool

  5. There is an API available?

    Yes, register for an API key and read the documentation.