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Rome or Justice League? American Vandal or a comedy serial? You don't which series you should start? Select your genres and we will give you a list of the most rated and popular TV Shows.

Picture this - it's finally Friday night, you're sitting down on the couch with a bowl of cheesy popcorn and some ice cold soda, you're getting ready for that TV marathon you've been waiting for all week long… and you can't decide what show to watch.

Do you want to see a comedy series? Or does fantasy and science fiction sound more relaxing? Should you watch How I Met Your Mother or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or New Girl? Thirty minutes later and your snacks are gone, the ice has melted in your soda, and you're still browsing for a TV Show to watch. Wouldn't a random show generator come in handy right at that moment?

In this generator, there are TV shows in English or foreign languages, which most people love it. We generate tv shows based on genres like comedy, drama, action, fantasy, etc.

We also have the option to generate random movies.