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Use this tool to generate valid IMEI for real phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung or Huawei.

IMEI are identification codes for telephones. You can uniquely identify a phone using his IMEI. You can get information about the phone manufacturer and model. Network providers can locate your mobile using this code.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How is an IMEI formed?

    IMEI consists of 15 digits:

    • The first 8 digits offer information regarding phone manufacturers and telephone models. These digits are also known as TAC(Type Allocation Code).

      We have the TAC(type allocation code) for over 9000 of telephone models.

    • The next six digits are the serial number of the device.

    • The last digit is the checksum and is calculated based on the Luhn algorithm.

  2. For what stands IMEI?

    It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

  3. How can I find the IMEI for my telephone?

    You can enter this code *#06# and a popup with the code will appear. Also if you bought the phone from an authorized seller you should have this code in the documentation that you received it.

  4. The social security numbers are valid?

    Yes, they bypass any verification

  5. Is it free?

    Yes, it's 100% free to use.