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Who doesn't have a long list of games queued in Steam, waiting to be played? Sometimes, it's less about not having any games to play and more about not knowing what to play. Good thing that there's a random video game generator to help us out and save us tons of time for choosing how to spend our downtime.

The generator has over 3000 games that were most rated. The games come from Steam, Origin, or games magazines. They are sorted by us using the critic reviews and the popularity of the games.

You can generate game titles based on platforms like Windows, Playstation, or Xbox. You can also search based on your favorite genre: shooting, sports, arcade, RPG, strategy, simulator, racing. You can click on the game's cover and get more information about it from the internet.

The random video game generator has some pretty useful tricks and it’s a great tool to have when you’re not sure about what game to play come Friday night. Just plug in your preferences, wait for the random titles, and pick one. Let it save you the time and effort of having to select from hundreds if not thousands of video games yourself.