Random VIN Number Generator

VIN generator by model

Every car has a unique identification sequence, which is called VIN. This code contains information about the manufacturer, the model, and a sequential number.

The first 3 digits of every car's VIN contain an identification code for the car manufacturer. The following 5 or 6 characters have information about the car model. For the North American cars, there are only 5 characters for the car model and the following character has the check digit. This check digit ensures that the VIN is written well. The next character includes information about the model year. The last 6 characters are sequential.

Frequently asked questions about VIN Numbers

  1. How to generate a random VIN?

    It's easy, you select a car maker and we will generate a random VIN for you.

  2. For what stands VIN?

    It stands for Vehicle Identification Number.

  3. What is the length of the VIN?

    VIN has a length of 17 characters.

  4. Are these VIN numbers real?

    These numbers are random generated. These fake VIN numbers follow the rules of generation, but this doens't mean that a car has this identification number.

  5. Why is a car manufacturer name repeated in the drop list?

    A car brand can have multiple WMI.

  6. What is WMI?

    WMI stands for World Manufacturer Identifier.

  7. Is it free?

    Yes, it's 100% free to use.